Gigmi Affiliate Program

The Gigmi Premium app is the most fun and simple way to know what you have and where it is!

The Gigmi Premium App will only cost users $5/month or $55/year and with Gigmi Premium you have unlimited ability to manage your stuff. This includes Unlimited:

  • Items
  • Containers
  • Labels
  • Organization!

In addition, you are automatically eligible to earn affiliate commissions when you refer Gigmi Premium to others.

The Gigmi Multi-Tiered Affiliate Commissions are our way of saying “thank you” for sharing the happiness that comes from knowing what you have and where it is. Here’s how it works.

When you refer someone to download and use Gigmi Premium we will pay you $1/mo for every one of your direct referrals, as long as they remain a Premium user. We track that by a unique code you can use in links you create on your social media, texts, emails or direct messages. Your referral may also type your email address you used when signing up for Gigmi and we can track that way too. It’s that easy!

We know that sometimes your referral may decide they want to refer friends to Gigmi and help others find the happiness of an organized life. To continue to show our gratitude to you for starting that ripple effect we have made our “thank you” commissions go 6 tiers from you. Here’s what we mean by that.

As I mentioned above, if you refer someone directly – or 10,000 someones (no limits) – you will get paid $1 per month per person you directly refer to use Gigmi Premium.

If they refer someone – which would be a tier 2 referral from you – you will get paid $.50 cents per month per person referred by those you directly referred.

The Multi-Tiered Affiliate Commissions pays residually, so you will continue to make money every month for as long as your referrals use Gigmi Premium with no ceiling or limits on referrals or earnings:

  • Tier 1 (direct) = $1 per month
  • Tier 2 = $.50 cents per month
  • Tier 3 = $.40 cents per month
  • Tier 4 = $.30 cents per month
  • Tier 5 = $.20 cents per month
  • Tier 6 = $.10 cents per month

Our way of saying “thank you” directly appreciates you for the influence your referrals have on growing the Gigmi network of users.

The Free Gigmi App is still an option for anyone you refer and they can organize up to 50 items absolutely free! If your referral decides to upgrade to the Premium app at any time, that’s when the commissions begin and they are able to have their referrals tracked. As a free Gigmi user, any referrals you may give are not connected to you as that ability is only built into the Gigmi Premium solution.